This center is a thirty-year dream for many in the Vermont indigenous community. The Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs, the Champlain Quadricentennial Heritage Committee, the tribes of Vermont and many other individuals have all worked tirelessly toward this goal. It will be a place for all Vermont’s indigenous people to learn and teach their amazing skills whether it be woodworking, basketry, historical study, fiber arts, jewelry making, political study, spiritualism, dance, music or language. All will be able to come here to learn and teach.
At this time, there are classes being provided regularly on various aspects of the Abenaki culture and community, an indigenous camp to educate visitors about post-contact daily life of the Abenaki family, and an exhibit setup to display Abenaki artifacts and ceremonial regalia. In the next stage of development, the center will have an extensive library, a wet lab for crafters, a meeting space and a comprehensive collection of historic Wabanaki artifacts, documents and imagery.
The Vermont Indigenous Heritage Center is located at 1 Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington, Vermont.