• Review Minutes from the December meeting
  • Update – our reveal
  • Invitations to February Meeting – Chiefs, VAAA, VCNAA, etc.
  • EAHS Design Suggestions/Input from group regarding the museum layout (Fred’s sketch attached)
    How do you want to use the space (crafts/teach)?
  • EAHS Landscape Design Suggestions/Input from group regarding the garden layout (Fred’s sketch attached)
    How would you like to use the space (crafts/teach)?
  • Course Offerings at EAHS
    Abenaki course starts in February
    Seed School
    Vetting process – Our group will sponsor all courses provided at the center
    Alnôbaiwi members – what courses/workshops would they like to offer?
  • Installing the small EAHS Exhibit Space
    Date/time/who can help
  • Fundraising/Politicking for new center
  • Financial Report (Morgan, Cody and Charlie)
  • Update from Morgan and Charlie on the organizational framework
    Recruitment of group members
  • Discuss organization presence
    Set up website – Who will do this?
    Do we want a “Alnobaiwi only” tab on the website for events/ceremonies/meetings that are not for the general public?
    Joanne will send detailed information for postings to web master to review and create a post
    Set up social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    Joanne will send detailed information for postings to social media people and they will review and create a post
    Symbol that represents the group
    Physical address
    Phone number
  • Regalia
  • Establish Committees – see attachment
  • Review of Moon Ceremony
    What went well
    What should change
    Next moon?
  • State House Exhibit and Performance
    Opening Ceremony Date and Time?
    Make wampum belt
    What are we doing for performance?
    Practice dates
    Schedule of our events for the day
    Next practice time and date – February Alnôbaiwi meeting
    Promotion of the event
    Who will be there to dance, sing, drum
  • Snow Snakes Games
    Set a date
    Communication with other tribes/indigenous (via social media)
  • Eugene has an item for discussion
  • Future Items
    At the March meeting we will be learning Eagle, Calumet, and Feather Dance
    Maple Camp – discuss at February meeting
  • Practice Time – Dance
    Sun, Rain, Green Corn and Four Directions

February 2019 Alnôbaiwi Calendar

9 – Alnôbaiwi Meeting

17 -NOFA-VT 

March 2019 Alnôbaiwi Calendar

9 – Alnôbaiwi Meeting

31 – Maple Camp will be in March. 

Fred Wiseman
Kerry Wood

Joanne Crawford

Council Members:
Eugene Rich – Public Relations
Cody Hemenway – Finances, Spokesperson
Nikki White
Allison Compagna
Charlie Delaney – Finances
Morgan Lamphere – Finances
Pat Lamphere
Chan Crawford – Public Relations

Takara Matthews
Carollee Reynolds
Anna Roy
John Hunt
Louise Lamphere

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