Alnôbaiwi Member

Enrolled Citizens of Recognized Abenaki Tribes of Vermont and Quebec and enrolled Citizens of Wabanaki Confederacy Communities are eligible for regular membership in Alnôbaiwi as are their spouses and children.  People who are unaffiliated with any tribe or reserve may become an individual Alnôbaiwi member upon submission of documented Wabanaki descendency.  Alnôbaiwi members may participate in all ceremonies and activities and, if over 18 years of age, be nominated for Council or Committee Chair positions. 


People over six years of age, who do not have proof of Wabanaki ethnicity, may apply for status as “Nidôbak Alnôbaiwi” (Friends in the Abenaki Way) if sponsored by an Alnôbaiwi member in good standing and if they show a commitment to learning and performing in the Abenaki way.  Sponsored Nidôbak may attend all educational events and performances, may participate in all age-appropriate dances, reenactments, games, etc. and use Alnôbaiwi regalia and equipment (for Alnôbaiwi sponsored events and programs only) except for occasional proprietary religious ceremonies that require Wabanaki or Native American ethnic identity as a prerequisite.