• Fred Wiseman
  • Anna Roy
  • Carollee Reynolds
  • Morgan Lamphere
  • Patrick Lamphere
  • Cody Hemenway
  • Eugene Rich
  • Nikki White
  • Evara
  • Chan Crawford
  • Joanne Crawford

Guests: Don and Diane Stevens


  • Public Relations:
    • We have an EIN but we don’t have verification from the IRS yet. Charlie said that the IRS will not verify until April. So, the Council decided to go ahead with the number we have now to set up email, website and Facebook. Oho
  • Review of Applications:
    • All applications were approved. Two Alnôbaiwi and four Nidobak.
  • Bylaws:
    • The Council reviewed the bylaws but did not have time to finish revising.
      There was some discussion about Alnôbaiwi having Membership Cards.
  • Programming:
    • Fred introduced the Vermont Institute for Indigenous Studies Proposal. The group discussed the idea of an institute and how to establish. This will be separate from Alnôbaiwi.
    • Use of Abenaki produce was tabled until the next meeting.
    • Anna let us know where to find the utensil totes next month when she and Fred will be on vacation
    • Use of milfoil was tabled until the next meeting.
    • Pat discussed the status of the flags for the Maple Festival procession. Eugene will give a Missisquoi flag for the procession.


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